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Airballs Air-Lite Silicone Ballstretcher - Police

Airballs Air-Lite Silicone Ballstretcher - Police

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AIRBALLS ergo-shape 24-vent air-lite ballstretcher OXBALLS

AIRBALLS is a ballstretcher version and the newest addition to our line of AIR products. AIRBALLS is made from soft, smooth plus+SILICONEb" blend so itb s stretchy and sleek but firm enough to give you that solid stretch. AIRBALLS has multiple drainage holes that make for lighter wear and double as holders for electro contacts. The ergo dip design and soft material make for comfortable wear. Our unique ballstretcher design is unlike any other on the market.

  • Ballstretcher version of our best-selling AIR cockring
  • Made of soft, fleshy plus+SILICONEb"
  • Ventilation holes double as holders for electro contacts
  • Soft, stretchy material fits a range of sizes
  • Unique design and packaging stand out
  • Lengthy design and rich colors stand out

Measurements and weights:
Height: 2b /51mm
Width: 2b /51mm
Length: 2b /51mm
Cockring hole circumference: 3.5b /89mm

Weight (product+packaging): 1.5oz/42grams
Package Length: 5.5b /14cm
Package Width: 4.3b /11cm
Package Depth: 1.3b /33mm

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