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Boneyard Skwert Aroma Toppers

Boneyard Skwert Aroma Toppers

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The Aroma Topper is an ABS plastic flip top that converts popper bottles into a single-handed open-and-close cap. It comes in two sizes, small and large, and fits most brands on the market. The top is easy to open and close with the thumb and features a nose cone that makes it easy to fit to your nostril. There is also a click sound that indicates to the user that the cap is closed so you can avoid spillage and odors which reduces the chance of ruining your sheets or clothing. It also useful during intercourse since it is attached directly onto the bottle and you donb t have to worry about finding a small cap that can be easily lost after removal.

Fits most common 30ml and 10ml popper bottles for brands like Rush, Jungle Juice, Man Scent, Blue Boy, Fist, Bang, Iron Horse, Amsterdam, Gold Rush and many more (Does not fit Double Scorpio). Package contains 1 flip top for 30ml and 1 for 10ml sizes.

I think it is safe to say we have all spilled poppers in the throw! The patent pending Popper Topper turns your popper bottle into a 1-handed, flip top. No more slippery, 2 handed battle with the bottle! In the past getting the bottle open not only takes 2 hands, but also keeping track of the removable cap is always a challenge and then actually screwing the cap back on, all while you have more important things to focus on!

HELPS prevent spilling, staining and waste. NOT SPILL PROOF! Keep in mind for the most whiff you do need an opening. The molded nose cone inserts into your nostril perfectly so you can get a huge whiff.

Do not store or use upside-down or on side with Popper Topper attached.
Sealed Fit
Nose Cone
1-Handed Operation
Fits 10ml and 30ml bottles
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