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Climatic Climaxer Clitoral Stimulation

Climatic Climaxer Clitoral Stimulation

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The Climactic Climaxer is specially designed to provide a sensually soft, mouth-like sensation to encase your clit in incredible pleasure. Itb s sculpted to provide complete feminine arousal on your clit or anywhere else that drives you wildb so let it tickle your flower until youb re writhing from waves of pleasure. The teaser features three seductive, tickling, and pleasing pistolettes that lick your clit with synchronous motions. Let them serenade you with intense stimulation while the soft outer mouth forms an amazing suction cup that will drive you wild with pressure and pleasure. Press this comfortable, powerful mouth against any erogenous zone and let the teaser pamper you with pleasure. The stimulator is soft and flexible thanks to a safe and pure material.

Length: 5.5 in.
Width: 2.75 in.

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