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Dilator Silicone Training Kit

Dilator Silicone Training Kit

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This dilator kit features 5 incremental hollow-shaft sizes that graduate with your progress. Arched and tapered for ultimate comfort and insertion, they’re made from creamy soft body-safe silicone, and can be used hands-free with each powerful suction cup base. Start slowly, beginning with the smallest size, using plenty of lubricant. Clean with toy cleaner or soap and water with a warm water rinse.

  • 5-piece, 5-color dilator set
  • 5 progressive sizes
  • Arched & tapered for comfortable insertion
  • Hollow core shafts
  • Made from ultra body-safe silicone
  • Suction cup base for hands-free use

              #1                    #2                   #3                   #4                      #5
Length:3.93"     Length 3.93"     Length: 3.93"    Length: 3.93"    Length: 3.93"
Depth: 2.28"     Depth: 2.59"     Depth: 2.83"     Depth: 2.83"     Depth: 3.07"
Width: 0.78"     Width: 1.02"      Width: 1.18"     Width: 1.41"     Width: 1.49"

Weight: Over .5 lb.

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