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Glowdick Silicone Cockring with Led

Glowdick Silicone Cockring with Led

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GLOWDICK dick-shaft LED lit cockring OXBALLS

GLOWDICK is an ergonomically curved ring that includes a super bright LED. GLOWDICK is made from velvety soft plus+SILICONEb" thatb s stretchy but still strong enough for snug grip and to push your package up and out. The nubs on the upper ring stimulate the shaft and keeps GLOWDICK in place. The sleek clear color combinations refract the LED for extra glow. Bright color combinations and eye-catching packaging stand out in your offering.

  • Ergonomic curved design
  • Made of soft, fleshy plus+SILICONEb"
  • Includes LED light (batteries included)
  • Clear colors enhance light
  • Unique design and vibrant packaging stand out

Measurements and weights:

Height: 3b /76mm
Width: 2.3b /51mm
Depth: 1.5b /38mm
Cockring hole circumference: 4b /10cm
Insert length: 2.5b /64mm
Insert circumference: 2b /51mm

Weight (product+packaging): 3oz/85grams
Package Length: 5.5b /14cm
Package Width: 4.3b /12cm
Package Depth: 2.3b /59mm

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