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Lovebotz Deluxe Bangin' Bench with Sex Machine

Lovebotz Deluxe Bangin' Bench with Sex Machine

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Intensify your solo sessions and spice up your couple's play with this Deluxe Bangin' bench with included sex machine! The comfortable bench has two, wide, elastic straps that create a supportive seat that you can bounce on when using with your partner or a personal toy. The wide straps can be switched with the firm, plush, PU leather cushions for when using with the sex machine. The steel frame is durable and can handle up to 220 lbs of weight; don't be shy about giving it your roughest thrusts and rides! A sex machine that is perfectly compatible with the Bangin' Bench can be attached the the bars and mounted in place so the power-packed thrusting can reach your wet and yearning holes! Adjust the angle of the dildo so you can enjoy multiple different positions that hit your sweet spot while you are seated above, angled forward, leaned back, facing front or reversing your position! The Bangin' Bench helps you get your juices flowing with the machine or with a partner positioned below you! The dildo is made out of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) rubber and is realistic with veins and a firm but flexible core. The dildo and machine can be used separately from the bench while you're positioned on a chair, table, couch or on all fours! Control the thrusting using the variable speed dial on the corded remote. The thrusting sex machine is powered by plugging it into a wall outlet. Enjoy up to 195 thrusts per minute and get blown away by the power!

Go beyond the Bangin' Bench and include a perfect companion to it by adding the sex machine, as well! As you sit your bottom on the elastic straps, the slit in the center parts just wide enough to expose your wet and horny hole. With the remote in your hand and the dildo angled just right, turn the power on and enjoy the speedy and strong thrusts of the dildo as you let yourself receive a tireless pounding! Adjust the angle to get at your G-spot or P-spot. Get deeper to have a cervical orgasm or enjoy the A spot and K spot, too! Swap out the firm cushions for the bouncy elastic and get lower to the ground! At this lowered level you can ride your partner's face, bounce on their firm member, or use your own personal dildo and toys as well! Lean forward, lean back, face front or backwards, even rotate your hips in circles to enjoy all that the bench has to offer! Relax and use plenty of water-based lube with the rubber dildo from the sex machine so you can keep on coming again and again!

To clean the PU leather use a damp cloth and toy cleaner to gently wipe it clean. Use isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle for more serious cleaning. For the elastic, wash on a gentle cycle on cold or soak in soap and water before rinsing off and air-drying. To clean the dildo, use mild soap and warm water then rinse and spray with a toy cleaner. Do not submerge any electronics in water. Unplug the machine before cleaning.


Length: 20 inches. Width: 21.5 inches.
Height: 15 inches with elastic straps, 18.5 inches with padded seats.
Dildo: 6.75 inches overall, 5.5 inches insertable, 1.8 inches widest diameter.
Thrust length: 2.36 inches.

Max weight limitB 220 lbs

Materials: Steel, PU Leather, Elastic, TPE, ABS Plastic

Color: Bench: Black, Dildo: Light

Key Features:

  • Fully Ready to Ride!: This pleasure packed set includes everything you need to set up a sturdy, sexy bench with a sex machine that works perfectly with it! Includes the following: 1 steel bench frame, 1 sex machine, 1 machine mounting bar, 2 padded seats,
  • 2 elastic straps, 1 TPE dildo, 1 Cock-Lock adapter, 4 floor guards, 5 knob screws, 4 knob nuts, 4 hex bolts, 1 controller, 1 power cord, 1 AC/DC adapter.
  • Power and Speed: Control your pleasure with the multi-speed sex machine! Thrusts up to 195 times per minute! Use the controller that connects to the sex machine aand has a multi speed dial for self-controlled intensity.
  • Detachable Machine: The sex machine can be moved and used separately without the bench. Try it on a chair, couch, in doggy-style on the floor or use it manually!
  • For Solo or Couple Play!: Enjoy alone with the machine or your favorite dildo for a self-pleasure session! Invite your partner to watch you get pumped by the machine or remove the machine and use the bench to ride them!
  • Interchangeable Seats: Use the wide, elastic bands to sit and bounce on with your partner or a personal toy. Switch to the flat, plush, padded cushions as seats for when using the sex machine with the bench! The padded cushions are made out of faux leather (PU leather) and are vegan friendly and easy to wipe clean.
  • Variety is the Spice: Enjoy a multitude of positions with the bench and sex machine combo! The machine can be adjusted for different angles so you can get a custom angle that hits your sweet spot! The Bangin' Bench assists in comfortable movement while squatting, bouncing, leaning and grinding! Even without the machine, the bench assists in riding your partner, bouncing on a large dildo that can be placed on the floor, and cunnilingus with your partner's head beneath your bottom just to give you a few ideas!
  • Durable Steel Frame: This durable steel frame can handle up to 220 lbs so you or you can enjoy rough bouncing and pleasure packed riding of the bench and the machine!
  • Corded Power: The sex machine is powered by plugging the cord into an outlet and has a DC24 voltage.
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