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Lovebotz Mini Handheld Rechargeable Milker

Lovebotz Mini Handheld Rechargeable Milker

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Experience the intense sensations and reach the peak of personal, sexual satisfaction with the Mini Handheld Milker. Let yourself explore being milked of every wet drop that comes from you as you feel the textured, stretchy sleeve with its grooves and nubs rubbing your phallus with each suction and stroke. Choose your vibration settings from 3 speeds and 7 patterns offered via the small, powerful bullet vibrator that is connected to the silicone sleeve. The ball strap on the bottom of the sleeve keeps it in place as the machine suctions the head of your phallus with an intensity up to 3000 RPMs! The long, detachable tube connects to the powerful motor that controls suction and has a liquid chamber in the center to keep any ejaculate from reaching the motor and makes clean up easy. Choose between 3 speeds and 3 intensity levels of suction for ultimate stimulation as you enjoy vibration. To keep it hands-free so you can relax, use the remote control included to change both suction and vibration patterns as you please!

Plug the tube into the nozzle above the control panel on the remote. Use your favorite water based lubricant on your penis and the interior of the sleeve, then slide it on and secure the ball strap below the testicles. Slip the bullet vibrator into the pocket of the sleeve after turning it on and pairing it with the remote control. Insert the hose tube into the small opening at the end of the sleeve and then flip the switch on the machine to turn the suction on. Play with different settings of suction and vibration until you find the one that will take you right over the edge. Lay back, relax and let your mind play out all your favorite fantasies as you experience the most intense milking of your life!

After use, wash parts separately. Wash the tube and sleeve with warm water and soap and rinse the tube. Wash the exterior of the bullet and remote with a warm, wet washcloth and then spray with a toy cleaner. Pat dry or wipe clean all items and store in a cool, dark place after fully dry. Recharge the bullet vibrator and remote using the USB cable included.


Remote: 6" L x 2.6" W
Stroker: 7.8" L x 2.8" W, 0.75" inner diameter (unstretched)
Hose length: 44"
Bullet: 2.4" x 0.75"

RPM: 3000

Suction power:
1st speed: .025 mpa / 3.6 psi
2nd speed: .05 mpa / 7.3 psi
3rd speed: .07 mpa / 10.2 psi

Materials: ABS Plastic, TPE, Silicone

Color: Black, Blue, Clear

Note: Tube is not designed for use as a catheter or sound. Remote distance up to 32ft.

Key Features:

  • Auto Stroking, Sucking and Vibrating: Enjoy hands free stimulation from this auto milking device that sucks and vibrates! The auto-suction device offers 3 speeds and 3 intensity levels of suction for you to combine with powerful vibration!
  • Rechargeable Bullet Vibe: This small bullet goes on the top of the sleeve to stimulate the glans and offers 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration.
  • Remote Control: Use the remote control to change vibration and suction patterns and intensity!
  • Textured Inner Sleeve: The stretchy sleeve has grooves and nubs along the head and shaft to stimulate you as they respond to each stroke, suck and vibration. Slip it on and let it hold tightly onto your shaft as the ball strap wraps beneath your testicles keep it snug and in place.
  • Easy Clean Up: The suction tube has a circular, liquid chamber along the tube that captures your ejaculate and keeps it from reach the motor.
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