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Wave Rider

Wave Rider Swell Silicone Probe

Wave Rider Swell Silicone Probe

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Ride the waves of pleasure with the Wave Rider™ Swell, a contoured probe that's masterfully designed for maximum pleasure. Its unique wavy texture ensures that each encounter is filled with intense sensations. The design's thoughtful contours are specifically shaped to heighten your experience, turning every movement into a wave of delight.

This exceptional probe is fashioned from premium liquid Silicone, known for its softness, smoothness, and durability. Not only is this material waterproof, but it also invites exploration in various settings, expanding the boundaries of pleasure. The gentle curve of the Wave Rider™ Swell is designed to flex and move with your body, offering a comfortable and natural fit that enhances every touch.

Adding to its versatility, the probe boasts a sturdy, low profile suction cup base. This design element allows for a secure fit in most harnesses and provides stability for hands-free enjoyment. The suction cup attaches firmly to smooth surfaces, granting the freedom to experiment with different positions and scenarios.

Wave Rider™ Swell allows for creative play, enabling you to explore new realms of pleasure in any way you desire.

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